Ween at Electric Factory, Philadelphia PA (2000-05-27)

Set Lists

Amandla (Claude's band)

  1. Smilin (?)
  2. Falling Alone
  3. The Best
  4. Call Your Own (dedicated to Papa Gene)
  5. Little Jimmy
  6. Blush


  1. Ohio
  2. Take Me Away
  3. Don't Get Too Close
  4. Even If You Don't
  5. The Golden Eel
  6. Sorry Charlie (Deaner)
  7. The Mollusk (last verse with megaphone)
  8. Voodoo Lady
  9. Back to Basom (with false start)
  10. Bananas and Blow
  11. El Camino
  12. Roses Are Free
  13. Little Birdy
  14. Waving My Dick in the Wind
  15. You Fucked Up
  16. Dr. Rock
  17. Awesome Sound (Deaner)
  18. Piss Up a Rope (Deaner)
  19. Booze Me Up and Get Me High
  20. Baby Bitch
  21. Birthday Boy
  22. Pandy Fackler
  23. Mr. Richard Smoker
  24. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony
  25. Fat Lenny
  26. Ocean Man
  27. Tick
  28. Stroker Ace (with megaphone)
  29. Buenos Tardes
  30. Ice Castles (beginning of encore)
  31. The Stallion Pt. 3
  32. Buckingham Green
  33. Homo Rainbow
  34. Hot for Teacher (Claude)


[image] Marquee outside the Electric Factory [image] Amandla
[image] Boognish backdrop [image] Ween with Chris Harford (full stage, with phantom dots)
[image] Ween with Chris Harford (backlit in white light) [image] Deaner
[image] Ween [image] Ween (Deaner's head in motion)
[image] Ween (awash in white light again) [image] Crowd
[image] Ween (smoke and phantom dots) [image] Ween
[image] Ween [image] Ween (Claude has already been enveloped in smoke)
[image] Deaner behind the speaker stacks [image] Deaner
[image] Ween [image] Deaner, Dave and Claude
[image] Deaner with Dave looking on [image] Ween
[image] Deaner, Claude and Dave (and rack of guitars visible) [image] Dave and Deaner watching Claude
[image] Glenn with Gener and Deaner looking on [image] Ween
[image] Ween [image] Ween
[image] Deaner playing guitar with Gener and Dave looking on [image] Ween
[image] Ween [image] Ween
[image] Deaner facing Claude [image] Gener using the megaphone just before the smoke blows in, Glenn too
[image] Dave, Gener and Deaner [image] Friends of Dr. Jimmy
[image] Joe Genaro and Dr. Jimmy [image] Big Mama J and Dr. Jimmy
[image] Mingo, Deaner and Joe Genaro

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