Ween at Irving Plaza, New York NY (2000-05-25)

Set List

  1. Ice Castles
  2. The Grobe
  3. She Wanted to Leave
  4. Piss Up a Rope (Deaner singing)
  5. Waving My Dick in the Wind
  6. Mr. Richard Smoker
  7. Dr. Rock
  8. Even If You Don't
  9. Voodoo Lady
  10. Mutilated Lips
  11. Bananas & Blow
  12. Roses Are Free
  13. Push th' Little Daisies
  14. The Mollusk (megaphone)
  15. Awesome Sound (Deaner singing)
  16. Tender Situation
  17. Take Me Away
  18. Puerto Rican Power
  19. Stroker Ace (megaphone)
  20. Mister, Would You Please Help My Pony?
  21. Buckingham Green
  22. Sorry Charlie (Deaner)
  23. Stay Forever
  24. Big Jilm
  25. These Nuts (Claude singing)
  26. Spinal Meningitis
  27. Ocean Man
  28. Reggaejunkiejew
  29. She Fucks Me (Deaner singing)
  30. Buenos Tardes
  31. Nan (start of encore)
  32. You Fucked Up
  33. The HIV Song
  34. The Blarney Stone (Deaner singing)


[image] Outside Irving Plaza (blurry) [image] Ween Onstage (Gener & Deaner barely visible through the haze)
[image] Deaner almost blocked by someone's head with Claude in the background [image] Gener and Deaner
[image] Glenn [image] Gener & Deaner
[image] Deaner [image] Glenn
[image] Gener, Dave and Deaner [image] Crowd shot
[image] Ween onstage [image] Glenn
[image] Deaner playing guitar [image] Dave singing
[image] Gener and Deaner [image] Deaner getting down playing the guitar
[image] Claude (barely visible), Gener and Deaner [image] Gener, Dave and Deaner playing their fretted instruments
[image] Deaner (blurry) [image] Deaner (blurry)
[image] Gener [image] Gener
[image] Deaner [image] Ween onstage
[image] Dave singing and playing bass [image] Deaner
[image] Ween onstage (blurry) [image] Deaner and Gener
[image] Claude [image] Gener, Dave and Deaner (blurry)
[image] Gener with Claude and Dave in the background [image] Claude, Gener and Deaner (blurry)
[image] Gener and Deaner [image] Dave, Gener and Deaner
[image] Gener and the megaphone [image] Dave and Deaner (blurry)
[image] Deaner (blurry) [image] Deaner getting down with the guitar
[image] Ween onstage [image] Deaner and Gener
[image] Gener, Dave (barely visible) and Deaner [image] Gener
[image] Gener singing (slightly blurry) [image] Dave, Gener and Deaner
[image] Dave, Gener and Deaner [image] Gener and his megaphone (slightly tilted)
[image] Ween onstage (and Gener is using a megaphone) [image] Ween onstage

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