Ween at The Agora, Cleveland OH (2000-05-09)

Set List

  1. Jammypack
  2. She Wanted to Leave
  3. The Grobe
  4. Roses are Free
  5. Waving My Dick
  6. Dr. Rock
  7. Pumpin for the Man
  8. Mr. Would you please help my pony
  9. Bananas & Blow
  10. Piss Up a Rope
  11. Spinal Meningitis
  12. Mollusk
  13. Voodoo Lady
  14. Back to Basom
  15. Powder Blue
  16. Mr. Richard Smoker
  17. Touch My Tooter
  18. Johnny on the Spot
  19. Take Me Away
  20. Stroker Ace
  21. Pandy Fackler
  22. Demon Sweat
  23. Big Jilm
  24. Pork Roll Egg & Cheese
  25. Buckingham Green
  26. Reggeaejunkiejew
  27. Ocean Man (start of encore)
  28. Sketches of Winkle
  29. You Fucked Up
  30. Homo Rainbow
  31. LMLYP


[image] The Agora [image] Mr Beefy, Dr. Jimmy & Todd
[image] Dr. Jimmy & Ike the homeless guy [image] Ike the homeless guy
[image] Mr. Beefy & Dr. Jimmy [image] Dr. Jimmy's arm
[image] Dr. Jimmy [image] Parking lot behind the Agora
[image] Dr. Jimmy [image] Angel
[image] Angel & Dr. Jimmy [image] Hippie folk
[image] Ween onstage [image] Ween onstage
[image] Ween onstage [image] "Kill Whitey"
[image] "Kill Whitey" onstage [image] Boognish
[image] Ween onstage [image] Ween onstage
[image] Ween onstage [image] Ween onstage
[image] Ween onstage [image] Ween onstage (LMLYP)
[image] Ween onstage (LMLYP) [image] Mr. Beefy writing on the Ween tour bus
[image] Dr. Jimmy & Mr. Beefy [image] "Kill WhiteT"
[image] Angel & Mr. Beefy [image] Where we bought the Cisco
[image] Blurry red Deaner [image] Foggy blue Deaner
[image] Blurry Deaner & Gener [image] Dopple Deaner & Gener
[image] Gener workin' the crowd [image] Ike power
[image] Dr. Jimmy's arm [image] Mingo & Cisco
[image] Dr. Jimmy & Mingo [image] Mingo
[image] Pappa Garcia

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