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Email Address

Please send personal email intended for me to following address:

UCE Not Welcome

I do not want to receive unsolicited commercial email (UCE) or mass mailings of any kind other than the few mailings lists I subscribe to.

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Current PGP Key

pub  1024D/E810F871 2003-01-04
      Key fingerprint = 7BB6 04B8 0874 774A A7B8 238D 38C2 C322 E810 F871

Revoked PGP Keys

pub  1024D/1699A644 2000-04-28
      Key fingerprint = 3252 F4C0 9DE9 09C9 FE12 7E99 9F91 C47D 1699 A644

pub  1024D/92C654AC 2001-01-02
      Key fingerprint = D52A A017 7BDC A2D4 E702 F4EC 013F B671 92C6 54AC

pub  1024R/B13F7405 1995-06-30
      Key fingerprint = 30 79 4D 1A 9F 9A C6 ED EE 98 27 D2 A3 C1 1E 96

PGP Key Servers

I've uploaded all of my public keys to the public key servers.