We Have Mutated/Colin & Mingo Interview

Colin & Mingo

This combo was developed for a program called "Teen Swen". A heavily scripted interview was designed to wrap around the video for "We Have Mutated".

The video itself was shot twice in the studio, and intermixed with excerpts from "Tank". Colin's clothing, the instrument Mingo is playing, and the length of Buzz's drum-pipes alternate between the two takes as the video progresses.

See the Video Creations page for "Maxwell Montes Video Download #3," which contains the interview and video.

See the Colin & Mingo home page for more information about Colin & Mingo.

Colin & Mingo being interviewed We Have Mutated

Shooting script dated 1986-12-01

written by Mingo


The statement "I am the standard by which all others are measured" first came from Colin's brain and was used with his implicit permission.

The statement "I bet I can eat more donuts than you" came from "Late Night with David Letterman" ca. 1983 and was used without permission. (This statement pops up quite a bit around here, in case you haven't noticed :-)

C: Colin (left)
I: Interviewer (center)
M: Mingo (right)

Shot Who Script
long shot of Interviewer, Colin & Mingo - -
CU Interviewer I Hi, I'm (name).
CU Colin C And so am I!
CU Mingo M I don't know about them, but I'm ready for an interview.
CU Interviewer I Colin, (gestures to Colin at his right) ...
CU Colin C (smiles)
CU Interviewer I ... and Mingo (gestures to Mingo on his left)...
CU Mingo M (smiles)
CU Interviewer I ... are now in the planning stages of their next album, "Left Hand Drive". They took time out of their busy schedules to toot their own horns here on "Teen Swen" about their first video, "We Have Mutated".
CU Colin C It's not our first video! This may be our first real video, but we've done many imaginary ones. In fact, last Tuesday we did 27 of them at one time!
CU Mingo M I was in the movie "All the Right Moves".
CU Interviewer I Yes, that's great, but what inspired you to make this a real one? (turns to Colin) Colin?
CU Colin C I think it was something I saw in a Pee-Wee Herman movie. Or was it a dream?
CU Mingo M Colin had absolutely nothing to do with the planning and production of the video. And I think it shows that in its inherent intelligence. It has a sort of psychodramatic effect on the audience.
CU Colin C Aren't you forgetting something? That I'm the standard by which all others are measured?
three-shot I Let's not go into that right now. Let's take a look at this fine clip from Colin & Mingo's album "Combat for Decency".
VIDEO, approx 5:10 - -
three-shot I It kind of gets you right here, doesn't it? (puts hand over heart) I had an uncle who died during a music video. Anyway, you've just witnessed the world premiere of "We Have Mutated", Colin & Mingo's first real video. How did you get Yogi Bear and Bob Newhart to appear in the video, Mingo?
CU Mingo M Well, it actually wasn't their choice. We sort of kidnapped them and held them in a time vortex out in my back yard until we needed them. Now, of course, they're free. We let them out this morning.
CU Interviewer I Yes, that certainly would be a human thing to do. I think we're just about of of time, don't you?
CU Mingo M (nods)
CU Colin C (nods)
CU Interviewer I Do either of you have anything to say in closing?
CU Colin C There is one thing my first-grade teacher told me when I got on her nerves. I think Mingo should say it. He was a way of making things sound like nursery rhymes.
CU Mingo M This is something I only say in the company of pretty girls doing tribal dances...
shot of girls doing dances - -
CU Mingo M ... "I bet I can eat more donuts than you".
CU Interviewer I On that happy note, we'll conclude this interview. I'm (name)...
CU Colin C (interrupts) And so am I!
three-shot I ... for Teen Swen. (burps) Excuse me!

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