Colin & Mingo - Trove

Colin & Mingo CD front cover

BAIT 41 (2000)

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States]

Cover art by Amy Poettinger. (Thanks to Erin King and MrBeefy for their artwork which we liked a lot but did not use...)

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Track Listing

Eucalyptus Semaphore

music by Mingo


music & electronics by Mingo, words & voice by Colin (but mangled by Mingo)

It won't be paranoid or corporate

Buttery Flavor

music by Mingo, words & voice by Colin (but mangled by Mingo)

Oh buttery flavor
 It's the best tasting thing
  I do not understand
   The randomness
Nougat machine
Being sleepy

Nougat Machine

music by Mingo, words & voice by Colin

Nougat Machine
Workin' 'round the clock
Nougat Machine

Tasty nougat
What a treat
Fluffy and sweet

Churn in out
Tastes so good
Oh so light

Fill them up
A delight
Don't ever stop

Liquored Up

music by Mingo, words & voice by Colin (but mangled by Mingo)
originally written for the originals compilation "Endangered Feces Vol. I"

Yeah oh yeah
Yeah I think I'll get liquored up here
Something for the kids
Ah yes...the first haircut
And that was a Paramount Picture

Look at all of these people
Applying makeup
What the hell was that?
"Hollywood Fashion Machine"

Is that...?
I don't know...
Looks like vintage...

Looking in mirrors
His moustache didn't look quite right

As the cat smells my finger
I wonder to myself
"Does she like what she smells?"
"What is she smelling?"
"What sort of information about me is she obtaining by smelling my finger?"
It hardly seems fair
If I were to smell her paw
I would probably not learn very much about her


music by Mingo, vocalizations by Colin


music, voice and concept for words by Mingo, voice and upper keys by Colin

Nosferatu, vampiro de la noche
Nosferatu, Phantom der Nacht


bass part, percussion, voice & concept by Mingo, voice and upper keys by Colin

C: Well, this is interesting... I don't know if... I don't know if I should be "headphones on" or "off"... It would be much more interesting to hear... definitely much better... that's a nice, a nice funky groove kind of bassline thing...
M: Yeah I'm not actually too happy with it just yet, but it's an interesting start.
C: Well it's a start. It's definitely something to... to work from, for sure.
M: It took us a while here to get into the groove. I think that's coming up.
C: Yeah, yeah.
M: Actually I couldn't do a lot at the time because I couldn't hear myself.
C: That is a problem, and I haven't done this sort of thing in a while, and it's probably apparent.
M: Yeah, your skill level has obviously diminished since 10 years ago...
C: Yeah, definitely.
M: Here it comes. This is where it gets good.
C: Okay, this is...
M: (laughs)
C: Oh, yeah.
M: That's great.
C: This is something we... probably... probably will be using a lot of... This is like a running commentary...
M: It is. We have to do this for all of our songs.
C: It's been quite successful with film. I think this is the next logical step.
M: I like this part myself
C: This is pretty good.
M: But the whole thing's about to come to an abrupt halt.
C: Of course these things, you know, they could go on for hours, too, but...
M: I haven't maximized the ability to put you in the left and me in the right.
C: Oh, yeah.
M: Is this a little better?
C: Oh, wow, that's, that's...
M: (laughs)
C: Yeah
M: Yeah, so I...
C: That's great. It's like a real conversation.
M: That's right. Almost.
C: Kind of. Yeah. A little more like a real conversation.
M: Someday it's gonna end here. I'm not sure when.
C: And one thing that's a little disorienting is that I'm on the left and you're in the right, and as we're seated here it's just the opposite.
M: (laughs) Would you like me to switch it?
C: No, no, I kinda like...
M: There we go. Is that the... ?
C: Ooh, I like the crossover phase. Actually that's my favorite part.
M: Yeah, it really depends on which direction you're going...
C: Yeah, I'd say that for now...
M: That's enough.

Big Hair Chick

music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin

Big hair chick
Lick your lips
It's what you want
It's what we want

I thought I saw you
You saw me
Right now you imagine
What shall be

You're very eager
It's obvious
Not much you can do
On a bus


I saw you at lunch
Yum yum yum
What's your fantasy
Now become?

How was that sandwich?
Sure looked good
I had a taco
'Cause I could


Meet with you later
At the club
You might not know it
There's the rub

You buy a mixed drink
I buy two
Feeling bolder I
Approach you


She was scary enough
Before I saw that she
Didn't have a tooth
Scared the hell out of me
I might never be aroused again
And that's the truth

An unbelievable hag
She had a tail that wagged
A horrifying sight
How drunk must I have been?
I'm glad that now I can see
That she was really fright

Why do I tell you this story?
It's a little embarrassing
I don't want this to happen to you
Don't be drawn to big hair
And don't ever stare
That's the last thing you want to do


music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin

I can't believe what a freak you are
It makes me sick just to look at you
Look at yourself; I hope this is a joke
If you saw yourself you'd see what I mean

So filled with rage
Yet a creative force
But no one cares
What's really inside?
When the outward appearance
Is so arresting, so unusual
The substance seems hardly
Worth getting to know

It's as if you don't own a mirror
Or maybe you just need to have your eyes checked
Maybe no one's frank enough to tell you
But I'll tell you right off that you're a mess

Nobody's really concerned
About anything that you're thinking
People can't get past how you look
Maybe it's your fault, maybe not

Maybe you'd added to your problems
Maybe they aren't all your own doing
But it's much easier to put blame
On others instead of yourself

You make me sick!
I'm gonna puke
You freak!
Ugly cow!
Oh God!
Aaaaagh! What's that?! Is that your FACE?


based on Scab by Tracey B & symplegades (used by permission)
new arrangement and music by Mingo, voice by Colin

Don't pick that scab
You have dirt under your fingernails

A Mile a Minute

music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin

We have a lot of road ahead of us
More miles than I care to count
I think we have almost everything we need
Still, we should probably make one more stop

There's a mini-mart at this exit
We should get off here
Grab some sandwiches and bottled water
It's a long trip-we should stock up

The miles fly by one at a time
Yet they seem to go much too slow
The mile markers laugh at us
Laughing at a mile a minute

I think maybe we feel as though
We've been on the road for too long
It's only now starting to get dark
Yet I feel myself nodding off

We argue about trivial things
"Yes, I know how to read a map"
"No, you don't look like a cupholder"
"No, it's not your turn to drive"

I hope we find a motel soon
Don't want to have to sleep in the car
Don't like to sleep alongside the road
And I really could use a shower

Well the motel wasn't too much of a dump
I'd say we got what we paid for
We're ready to go and more-or-less refreshed
Even if the shower water was rusty

We head back out onto the road
More miles lie ahead than behind
At least now we have some rest and
We still have our sandwiches and water

The mile markers do their job and
Remind us we still have far to go
The numbers get smaller a number a minute
Or maybe now a little faster

Finally we're just about there
We didn't even kill each other
Even though I stopped at every Waffle House
And even though you smoke in the car

I didn't think this would end up
Being much of an adventure
But I can't say I'm disappointed
I'll ask you when you're feeling better

I'd have to say this was worth it
I'm pretty sure I'd do it again
Then suddenly I remember
We have to make the drive back home

You Always Make Everything Worse

music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin

You always make everything worse
You must feel like this is a curse
Not knowing the right thing to do

Behavior rarely appropriate
Distinctly feeling you're second-rate
You don't know what to do
Wondering what's wrong with you
You're baffled; you can't figure it out
No wonder you're so full of doubt

Don't go there
Don't meet them
Don't dance with her
Don't talk to her

It's not smart
It's not safe
It would not make
A lot of sense

You're not hip
You're not cool
Maybe you'll score
Don't bet on it

Don't buy that
Don't eat that
Don't drink that
Don't smoke that

You should determine what you'll do
They're eagerly awaiting you
Do not miss this intriguing chance
For what might end up as romance
This excitement is very real
Do not deny that which you feel

Just go there
Just meet them
Just dance with her
Just talk to her

It is smart
It is safe
It really makes
A lot of sense

You are hip
You are cool
You just might score
I'm sure of it

Sure, buy that
Sure, eat that
Sure, drink that
Sure, smoke that

Someone Ought to Kill Mrs. Jones

music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin based on an old concept by Mingo

Someone ought to kill Mrs. Jones
We need to show her how much we care
Someone ought to kill Mrs. Jones
We need to show her that we love her

There's a woman who lives in our block
Whom everyone knows by name
The horrible noises that come from her house
Are this lonely lady's claim to fame


No one knows what it is that she does
No one can explain the sounds
Those sounds of unbelievable horror
For termination this must be grounds


Mrs. Jones surely can't think
She'll get away with this
Those awful tones throughout the block
We surely will not miss


But Mrs. Jones never seemed
To injure anyone
I hope that no one has regrets
When it's over and done



music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin

Ich ich bin ja Stecker
Du, denn du bist Steckdose
Jetzt fühle ich die ganze Kraft
Jetzt kommt er, jetzt kommt der Strom
Energievoll bin ich jetzt
Bin voll deiner Energie


Strom fliesst
Von dir
Strom kommt
Zu mir


Ich ich bin ja Stecker
Du, denn du bist Steckdose
Wir brauchen ja noch einander
Deine Kraft macht mir denn stark
Ohne dich gehör' ich nur
Einem nutzlosen Gerät



Ich ich bin ja Stecker
Du, denn du bist Steckdose
Was machst du denn ohne mich?
Wer benutzt deine Energie?
Wartest du doch jeden Tag?
Erwartest du den Stecker?

Fascination (Parts I and II)

music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin based on a concept by Mingo

Fascination in the smallest of rooms
Click of the shutter, camera lens zoom
What could be interesting in that room?
I hope you're going to be out of there soon

Images that fascinate
Imaginations hesitate
Hesitation irritate
Irritation makes irate
Miss a chance to get the shot
Look at what you might've got
Ordinary this is not
Such vision cannot be taught




It's not quite a studio
It's purpose I'm sure you know
It's a place where you can go
To let your emotions flow
Art is what you make of it
You might stand or you might sit
The true artist, he won't quit
There is no denying it


Merger (Part II of Product)

music by Mingo, words & vocal by Colin

Hot dogs

Cell phones

Golf clubs
Building materials

A baseball team
Cable TV

In the future there'll be one big company
Making all the products you see
Everyone merged into one another
For the benefit of you and me

Some people think that they did it
Just so they'd have a monopoly
But I'm quite sure it was done
To benefit our society

Imagine all the products that we'll see in coming years
Cat food made with brand-name meat-how 'bout designer beer?

Haircuts endorsed by pop stars-these would change each year
Running out of choices is something you won't fear


Consumer products that define us are important to our lives
The value of brand equity you'll soon realize

Such excitement in the stores when new items arrive
Too bad much of what you're sold is little more than lies.


Hot dogs

Cell phones

Golf clubs
Building materials

A baseball team
Cable TV

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