The Thurm Glupston Show

Colin & Mingo

This Thurm Glupston Show was recorded and cablecast live on Cablevision (of Greater Johnstown, Pennsylvania) Community Television (CCTV) in 1988.

In this episode, Thurm Glupston interviews We'll Save You Man (in a surprise appearance); Woody B. Green, a man who can turn into a plant; Kitty Cologne, a cosmetologist/astrologist; and Russ Fink, a professional talk show filler. Fake commercials include: We'll Save You Supermarkets, Powerflex Bodybuilding Shampoo, and Memorial Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.

This program marked the end of the Thurm Glupston Shows in the 1980's. Will there ever be another one? I don't know...

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(Fake) Commercials

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We'll Save You Supermarkets (1988)

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