Colin & Mingo - das ist «suitcase»

Colin & Mingo album cover

NUMBER NINE 24 (1985)

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States]

Cover art reinterpreted by Mingo in 2008 based on Colin's original clip art.

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Track Listing

Colin & Mingo Intro


Time & Mo(o)re


General Expressions (Original Version)

idea by Colin

German instruction: Langenscheidt Language for Travelers "German quick & easy", 1984
Music: Andy Summers & Robert Fripp, selections played backwards from "I Advance Masked", 1982

The source material in this piece has been used without the permission of the copyright holder(s), so this piece is for private use only.

Tatsachen über die Autobahn & DB


written by Colin & Mingo

Colin: voice
Mingo: voice

«Ist hier noch frei?»

Including pre-recorded alternate intro for "A Walk in the Park" as background music

words written by Colin & Mingo, music written by Mingo

Colin: voice
Mingo: keyboard (MT-68), voice

Magical Mystery Hairstyling Centre

First Day of School

written by Colin & Mingo

Colin: voice
Mingo: voice

A Man and a Cat



Muffler Trouble

Bricks (Mary Had a Little Cat)

Camp Stories


Camp Stories Rebuttal

That's Bizarre



Heavy Breathing

Are You the Cable Guy?

The Babysitter

Drum Lessons

Let's Slander People We Know!

Intro for Second Side


Notes About French Fries

Entertainment Grab Bag

Tennis, Anyone? (Live)

written by Colin & Mingo

Colin: keyboards (MT-68, Concertmate-200)
Mingo: lawn mower, voice

The Bathroom

A Dignified Sign-Off

Cooking with Colin & Mingo

The Colin & Mingo Workout

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