Colin & Mingo - Nouveaux Riches

Colin & Mingo album cover

NUMBER NINE 21 (1985)

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Cover art reinterpreted by Mingo in 2008 based on his original clip art, which he had redone in 1987 originally

Download or stream audio from Side 1 of Nouveaux Riches for free from the Internet Archive.

Track Listing

Side 1 of this album includes the second set of significant Colin & Mingo instrumental tracks, this time shorter and more coherent than the two tracks on "Warning to a Teen-Age Girl". (Again, I know it's out of sequence catalogwise)





Basking in the Moonglow

written by Colin & Mingo

Colin: keyboard (MT-68)
Mingo: keyboards (MT-68 bass), electronics


Better Butter

written by Mingo

Mingo: keyboards (MT-68 bass, Concertmate-200)

Pure Science

Normal World



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