Colin & Mingo - Borrowing Greatness from a Toad

Colin & Mingo album cover

BAIT 38 (1987)

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States]

New cover art by Colin & Mingo in 2008.

Download or stream audio from Borrowing Greatness from a Toad for free from the Internet Archive.

Track Listing

Bufo Bufo Greatness Greatness

Acido Citrico

written by Colin & Mingo

Colin: keyboard (MT-68)
James Pinto: guitar
Mingo: keyboard (CT-500 [guitar power chord sample]), prerecorded rhythm loop

Poison in the Glands

Uncle of the Sky

Villejuif Leaflet

Monkey Toxin Prelude

Monkey Toxin Suite

The Tale of Angwantibo


The End


Bite My Butt


Son of Bear

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