Endangered Feces Vol. I: The Chronicles Of The Dingleberry Kid

Colin & Mingo

This is an AMW production that was completed in 2000. Our track for this project was "Liquored Up".

Track Listing

Liquored Up

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States]

music by Mingo, words & voice by Colin (but mangled by Mingo)

Yeah oh yeah
Yeah I think I'll get liquored up here
Something for the kids
Ah yes...the first haircut
And that was a Paramount Picture

Look at all of these people
Applying makeup
What the hell was that?
"Hollywood Fashion Machine"

Is that...?
I don't know...
Looks like vintage...

Looking in mirrors
His moustache didn't look quite right

As the cat smells my finger
I wonder to myself
"Does she like what she smells?"
"What is she smelling?"
"What sort of information about me is she obtaining by smelling my finger?"
It hardly seems fair
If I were to smell her paw
I would probably not learn very much about her

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