Colin & Mingo - Combat for Decency

Colin & Mingo album cover

NUMBER NINE 28 (1985)

[Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States]

Cover art reinterpreted by Mingo in 2008 based on his original clip art.

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Track Listing

This album is original Colin & Mingo music (mostly instrumental) from start to finish. Side 2 (tracks beginning with "Aberration of the Republic") is much better than side 1 though.

Who's There?


The Pancreas

Bird Eat Man

Killer Crayon

Liquid Nodes

Mingorhythm 1

Colinrhythm 1

Mingorhythm 2

Colinrhythm 2

Mingorhythm 3

Colinrhythm 3

Metallic Phase


x2 + y2

Aberration of the Republic


Burnt on My Finger, Spin Me Like a Wart

Land of the Big, Juicy Turnips

We Have Mutated

lyrics written by Colin, music and title/chorus written by Mingo

Colin: vocal
James Pinto: guitar
Mingo: keyboard (MT-68), percussion programming (Synsonics)

Groovy Christmas

lyrics written by Colin, music written by Mingo

Colin: vocal
Mingo: keyboard (MT-68)

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