Magakrampi & Blanda - Исландия

Colin & Mingo album cover

BAIT 46 (2010)

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Cover art by Blanda.

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Track Listing

Тодд в Космосе

Russkiĭ: Todd v Kosmose
English: Todd in Space
Íslenska: Todd í Rúmi

A video was supposed to be here.

Гибкая Женщину

Russkiĭ: Gibkaya Zhenshchinu
English: Flexible Woman
Íslenska: Sveigjanlegur Kona


Russkiĭ: Hvannadalʹshnukyur
English: Hvannadalshnúkur
Íslenska: Hvannadalshnúkur

Blanda composed and performed this 106-BPM track. It was recorded on 12. October 2009.

Blanda admits to channelling Giorgio Moroder on this seductive dance-ish track with its infectious groove. It hearkens somewhat to Giorgio's film soundtracks such as "Cat People," "Midnight Express," and "American Gigolo" (but not the "Metropolis" remake).

The female vox at first hint at a subtle Icelandicness ordinarily found only in advertisements for health aids produced in Iceland and marketed abroad.

Гигантские Гнезда

Russkiĭ: Gigantskie Gnezda
English: Giant Jacks
Íslenska: Risastór Tjakkur

Blanda composed and performed this 102-BPM track. It was recorded on 2. November 2009.

The music features both monk-like synth vocals and rave-rock sounds. This track among all of the Исландия demos proves its demo-ness by not having a proper ending.

Смерть от Жары

Russkiĭ: Smertʹ ot Zhary
English: Heat Death
Íslenska: Dauða úr Hita

Blanda composed and performed the music for this 101-BPM track and performed it using soft synths only (which is standard for Magakrampi & Blanda's music). Magakrampi & Blanda provided the lyrics and Magakrampi provided the vocals as usual.

"Смерть от Жары" was recorded on 23. November 2009.

Blanda used a double harmonic scale to create a semi-mysterious melodic atmosphere. Magakrampi's vocals are altered for the first time with a melody-flattening effect.

Окружная Дорога

Russkiĭ: Okruzhnaya Doroga
English: Route 1
Íslenska: Hringvegurinn

Blanda composed the music for this 130-BPM track and performed it using soft synths only (which is standard for Magakrampi & Blanda's music). Magakrampi provided inspiration and encouragement.

"Окружная Дорога" was recorded on 30. March 2010.

The music brings us to the conclusion of the album by suggesting a journey around Iceland's Highway 1.

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